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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Newsmaker Tedturner

There is a lot of talk of UN reform. And no argument in favor could be put better than in Riot Starter's little essay. But lets cut to the chase. Its all about politics. America wants the UN as a rubber stamp for its policies and to use it to push through resolutions that even their own legislature would not pass. And any time the Security Council raises a yelp in protest, the UN is threatened with extinction or worse .. irrelevance.

There is no point to to UN except for the Security Council - all the other bodies are either toothless or can be replaced. If this can't be made effective all the rest may as well be disbanded. One does not need to look to far into the history of the Security Council to see that the main obstacle is America. All other parties rarely use their veto. Unless America can be brought under some control by the UN there is no point to this whole discussion.

But, you see, America needs the UN, and the world needs the UN. It was only the UN that was able to extract Israel from the quagmire they created for themselves in Lebanon and its only the UN that is acting as a reality check against American madness towards Iran. It was America ignoring the UN that created the disaster that was Iraq - and it will be the UN that will be used as part of the solution. Without it we are really talking about World War 3.

So here is the problem Ted, your money has bought you a billion dollar soap box now what are you going to do with it? Kofi's almost out of a job and is going around telling the truth about the mess that the UN is in so he can get some good work on the after-dinner circuit. But where are you going with all this? Are your dollars just going to make a large lump in the landfill of failed initiatives or do you want to make a difference?


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