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Sunday, August 06, 2006

The poverty of hypocricy

Mohammed of Iraq The Model swears at the hypocrisy and negative role of the Arab media in a post that I would generally agree with if he was not using it to blacken Nasralla and Hezbollah.

It is right to say that Arabs as a whole have abandoned Iraq and failed to condemn the hideous crimes carried out in the name of Islam by Al-Qaeda and their ilk. It is especially true of the Palestinians where one Hamas member is on the record for calling Zarqawi a martyr. And it is also ugly to see an Arab media crying over dead children in Qana while the mass murder of Iraqi children went virtually unnoticed.

Decrying Nasrallah as a murdering baby killer, however, and marking Hezbollah as an equivalent to Saddamist Baathists and Al-Qaeda is wrong and Mohammed should know that. He is simply regurgitating American propaganda.

Whatever you can say of Hezbollah, it is a Lebanese-grown movement. Iranian supported or not it grew and was formed from the poor Shia in south Lebanon and trained fighting an Israeli occupation. Al-Qaeda and Saddam on the other hand are both direct products of the American CIA. Saddam received his training in Cairo and was funded and nurtured to be a bloody dictator that would last for years. It was no accident that Bush senior called him a renegade before Gulf War I - implying he was a partner turned bad. And Al-Qaeda received direct US support and training to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

But the significant difference is that, whatever you can say against them, Hezbollah has never directly targeted fellow Arabs. It is not Hezbollah bombs that killed either Iraqi or Lebanese children but both Saddamists are Al-Qaeda have made mass murder of Arabs the cornerstone of their campaigns.

So why this venom against Hezbollah? ITM has thrown its lot in with American domination. And I do not blame them for this, If a peaceful Iraq just gets to spend a small proportion of its oil wealth on its people while the rest goes to the occupier, Iraq can still be one of the richest countries in the region. Hezbollah has put a spanner in the works of their world. It has shown another way. That a principled stand against foreign dominance and occupation can create military victory as well as provide rival model to secure the Middle East back into the hands of the local people.

For ITM anything that gets in the way of their grand plan has to be insulted and demonized and sent to hell. Sorry Mohammed, if you go on like this you are in danger of growing up to be like the hypocritical Arab politicians that you hate so much. You gain respect by telling the truth as you see it not by giving a false picture to further your own world view.


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