After communism and capitalism, there is asterism.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

After communism and capitalism, there is asterism.

The slogan comes from a joke on a Unicode web site and because of the innate need for people to label things. We are not comfortable until a new idea has been identified, labelled and pidgeon-holed in one of a few familiar places. Then we can switch out minds of and continue with day-to-day lives.

This is the post communist - post captialists world and how the 'former' capitalists and 'former' communists have aligned themselves is unexpected.

Iraq as a politcal platform has seen former comminists align themselves with big-business and Christian fundementalists (Harrys Place is a healthy example)...

and capitalists aligned with the libertarian left (Soros, Financial Times). I even had an FT editor say to me apologetically that they are not as right wing as they seem.

So welcome to the new world(dis)order - let us go forth with the slogan "Neither Communism or Captialism but Asterism"!


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