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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Consequences, consequences

Here is an interesting kettle of fish. The international consequences of the war in Lebanon has taken an ominous twist. The Turks are up in arms over recent PKK bomb attacks in Turkey. The PKK is a Kurdish resistance or terrorist group in Turkey - depending on how you want to define them. In fact the label terrorist sticks better to the PKK than Hezbollah as they directly target civilians.

Now, given that the PKK operate from Iraqi Kurdistan, the Turks have realised that the American attitude to the Israeli bombardment of Lebanon gives Turkey the moral justification to roll their army across the Iraqi border in order destroy what they see as PKK bases. In fact considering that Turkey is seriously concerned about any form a Kurdish state on their southern border, they may also be tempted to take that moral justification as far as occupying significant portions of Northern Iraq.

Already the Turkish press is saying that as a result of American double-standards over Lebanon and the PKK, a strategic document signed by Turkey and America over the future of the Middle East is all but in shreds. They are even going as far as saying that Turkey would not side with America in any future crisis over Iran's nuclear weapons program.

I wonder what next?


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