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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Condi's New Middle East

Time magazine nicely explains America's new policy for the Middle East:
Administration officials say one purpose of Rice's trip is to create an "umbrella of Arab allies" opposed to Hizballah. "She's not going to come home with a cease-fire but with stronger ties to the Arab world," says a U.S. official. "What we want is our Arab allies standing against Hizballah and against Iran." It was, perhaps, the prospect of such an alliance that led Rice last week to say, "What we're seeing here, in a sense, is the birth pangs of a new Middle East."
It is a return to the 1980's Iran/Iraq war policy. Instead of fighting their own wars, America used proxies to attack their enemies. The 1979 Iranian revolution threatened US hegemony in the Middle East. In order to counter that threat Iraq was enticed to invade Iran. Iraq fought a ten year bloody war with Iran on behalf of America. This time around Israel has becomes America's proxy to destroy Hezbollah and Lebanon. And the stupid Israelis like the stupid Saddam blindly lapped this policy up.

What next? Iran again threatens US hegemony throughout the Middle East. But this time America can not fight the next war with Iran itself. After its failures in Iraq, politically, it would not be able to afford the loss of lives and economically it could not finance such a war. So here is the new Middle East that Condi Rice is promoting. A Middle East that would, again, attack Iran on America's behalf. Iraq, Egypt, Turkey and Israel can pay with their blood to keep the dollar from failing.

Unfortunately, for America this policy is based on the same delusions that drove them to invade Iraq in the first place. No sooner than Condi returned to America the whole charade is starting to unravel. Hezbollah has failed to play dead in the face of a massive Israeli onslaught and the Arabs are uniting. Mahmood says it all:
Today; however, all Muslims are virtually a single sect, today all Muslims are Hizballah!


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