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Sunday, May 14, 2006


It was my birthday yesterday and my wife was really nice to arrange a surprise party with my friends in Dubai. *Thanks Sweetie*

Just as he was leaving, my friend turned to me and said: "You were born in 1967 right?'

"erm, yes why?"

"So was I." He declares proudly.

"Oh, that's interesting..."

"Do you know Iraqi men born in 1967 are very rare?"


And he goes on to explain that they caught the worst of the fighting in the Iran-Iraq war as they would have been the new recruits sent to the front line in 1985. Where 100's of thousands died. And on top of that 1967 was the only birth year not allowed to finish their military service before the Kuwait war started.

So us 1967'ers are an endangered minority in Iraq. Like other groups we can easily prove deliberate persecution from Saddam. And given the current political climate in Iraq, we should have a right to declare our own state. So I am now officially laying claim to the site of the new US Embassy in Iraq to be the Fedaral Republic of 67'istan. After all - it would be a waste to use all that space just for an embassy.


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