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Thursday, May 04, 2006

We Media - the party bag

There are many ways to judge trust in the media. Lets judge it by the quality of their party bags for conference attendees. The We Media conference is held at two venues - BBC Television Centre and the impressively named Reuters Global Headquarters. And I get two party bags.

So who do I trust more - Reuters or the BBC?

First the pen - you always have to get a pen! The BBC pen is plain and simple white with a lid. But what a writer - one of those liquid ink roller balls. Reuters give a beautiful pen with presentation - false leather case with silver logo, brushed aluminium effect and big gel-filled padding for your fingers. But then a big disappointment. All that funky packaging contains a cheap biro. Yuk.

Next the notepad - about the same here. BBC's is smaller so a slight advantage.

And finally the advertising bumf. Again equal marks there. Funny thing, Reuters gives a "Reuters Foundation Reporters Handbook" - I guess to show off the quality of their journalism. But it is full of photos from Iraq. Is that the only news story in the world?

But wait - what do I see.. a free 20"x16" photo print for every attendee. Pah! I'll discount that, I cannot be bribed so easily.

So on the pen alone, the BBC wins my trust. No no no wait again! - I just saw the desert for lunch. A very, very, very nice chocolate cake. Sorry BBC, chocolate cake wins my trust every time.

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