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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The partition theory and other madness

Here is another thing you will not see on television news - the reality of sectarianism in Bahrain. Thanks to Mahmood for bloggin this. It has two sides to it. The extremist Salafi Sunnis who send their kids out demonstrating in Bin-Laden T-Shirts and complain about the persecution of the Sunnis in Iraq. And the Shia demonstrators whose protests are getting increasingly violent.

Why is this a big deal? The Sectarian strife Bahrain is a microcosm of the sectarian tensions in Eastern Saudi Arabia right over their oil fields. I will let the Shia blogger Hammorabi explain his suggestion for a solution to that:
The basic solution to end such terror and human right violation is for the Oil-Rich Eastern provinces [of Saudi Arabia] to have their own state as is the state of Hijaz in the West which include Makka and Madina.

If the media did not have its collective head in the sand over the issue of sectarianism in Saudi Arabia we could all see what suicidal madness Senator Bidens 'new' plan for partitioning Iraq is. In an op-ed article in the New York Times Biden suggested splitting Iraq into 3 mini states. Sunni, Shia and Kurdish. He argues that this could lead to a more stable Iraq and then America can withdraw its troops.

Let us follow Biden's plan a little. The Shia get their state in south Iraq. As a result the movement for a Shia state in Saudi Arabia and some other oil-rich Gulf countries will become irresistible. These new Shia states would be forced to form a security pact with Iran as they will be threatened from disenfranchised Sunnis and will have no one else to protect them. As a result of the partition of Arabia into Shia and Sunni statelets a very large number of extremely angry Sunnis get dumped with nothing to do right on the border of Israel. And then America pulls out all its troops. Do I need to explain what happens next?

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