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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Burning Hypocracy

I for one will speak up for the people of Halabja. It is their city it is their trajedy let them define their own way to remember it. The people of Halabja are not helpless victims to be exploited. They are living, breathing and thinking people. I wonder if they were consulted about how to remember their dead. A lot has been done and said about the massacre at Halabja, yet nothing was done for the survivors themselves. This was not a monument to the victims of the massacres but a monument to the hypocrites who are using these tragedies to further their own greedy and corrupt aims. If the people had felt this monument was theirs they would just occupied it not burnt it down.

And talking of hypocrites - what was the reaction of the American government at the time of the massacre? Did Powell apologise to the Kurds for America's support of Saddam during the 80's when he opened the monument? And how about Talabani? I wonder if he forgot what he was doing at the time of the massacre. Well let me remind him what I heard. Talabani was in alliance with Saddam and his militia were preventing people escaping from the town just before the chemical attack.

Could the reason that Saddam is not being tried for Halabja be because too many uncomfortable truths will come out?


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