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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

"Sorry" is not enough...

Emotions blog posts the sad details of an uncle that was senselessly shot while waiting in his car:
I can't bear more anxiety, fear, and sadness. Counting our losses every day. Yesterday we lost our dear family senior; he is my father's uncle. He was shot to death by the American soldiers in his parent's in-law neighborhood. He is 78 years old. ... I wonder if the soldier who shot him and left him in his car ,asked himself about that old man , did he wondered if he was alive or died immediately?.. Did he sleep as a lamb?! Probably he forgot all about it, and had nice dreams.... The soldiers left him dead in his car after they shot him BY MISTAKE , then Iraqi policemen found him , used his cell phone to call one of the his family members.

Afterwards the American Soldiers did admit their mistake. Maybe they will even formally apologize and pay compensation but is that enough? From several accounts I have heard or read this is very commonplace. Yet there is no investigation, no soldiers are disciplined and nor will any be. This is critical not just for a matter of simple humanity nor a matter that Iraqi lives should treated with equal importance. It is not even a only an issue of international law and the obligations of an army of occupation.

These are all very important issues, however, the one thing that should keep Americans awake at night is the simple fact that the occupation is going to end and, one day, the very same soldiers will be prowling the streets of America. And you better hope to hell the soldiers who randomly shoot Iraqis without care or humanity today do not harbor racial grudges against Blacks, Catholics, Italians, Jews or any other American minority. Let me just remind Americans of Timothy McVeigh who saw the horrors of the Gulf War I as a front-line soldier. After he blew up the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma he did not even care about the innocent deaths who were not his target. McVeigh called the casualties in the bombing "collateral damage" and compared the bombing to actions he had taken during the Gulf War.

America may happy thinking it is taking the war to the terrorists. But one day the terrorists are coming home and they will not be the few foreigners that you are all so worked up about now.


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