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Monday, February 20, 2006

The morphing plane crash

Here is an odd example of how a story develops like Chinese whispers... on Thursday a small civilian plane definately crashed somewhere over Iraqi Kurdistan.


Its a German civilian plane and according to German police:
There were two German pilots, three German passengers and an Iraqi on board.


The plane crashed in Iran
"We arrived at the border and saw on the other side Iranians with shovels standing around something we think might be the wreckage of the plane," Colonel Ahmed Ghraib, head of the border force in Iraqi Kurdistan's region, told AFP.

No, the plane crashed in Iraqi Kurdistan
near Halabja.
Sulaimaniya Airport was expecting four German passengers and an Iraqi.
The same German police have changed their story: The two pilots "nationalities were not identified" and there were three German passengers and an Iraqi on board.


All of a sudden Iran's Mehr News Agency has a source that says there were seven or eight people on board and three to five of them were Israeli!

All in all this raises more questions than answers. Apart from the obvious 'what the hell was a plane doing flying low next to the Iranian border?', why would Iran report that there were Israelis on board? Does Iran want to tell the world that they think the Israelis were up to some dirty tricks?


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