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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Officials stating the bleeding obvious part 2

This story will have done the rounds by now so I am sure you will know it:
Israel's Shin Bet security service chief has said his country may come to regret the overthrow of Saddam Hussein ... Mr Diskin was asked about Iraq. "When you dismantle a system in which there is a despot who controls his people by force, you have chaos. You get what happened in Iraq. I'm not sure we won't miss Saddam," he said.
And this is what he is missing.. The real worry for Israel is that once America leaves Iraq - and they are going - all those Jihadi's in their truck bombs will have to start searching around for new targets. And these are not your average armchair terrorists, oh no. They are battle hardened and have been trained by America's finest in the worlds biggest and best terror training camp. Nuclear weapons and big tanks are completely useless against them.

So, to put this in context - Hamas and Asad is sitting pretty. The Israeli need a buffer to keep the Jihadi's out not just a wall. The only way will be to make peace with Palestinians and Syria. They know very well that if Asad falls they will get the likes of Zarqawi taking power in Syria and no big Shi'a population to stop them.

We live in interesting times indeed.


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