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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Coallition of the Unwilling

First we have the biggest Neo-Con apologist in the media, Fox News' Bill O'Reilly turning all anti-occupation, now most American troops agree with Sadr:
according to the first poll of US military personnel in Iraq ... Seventy-two per cent of troops said the US should withdraw within 12 months; 29 per cent said they should pull out immediately.

Meanwhile a CBS News poll recorded another record low for the president this week: only 30 per cent of respondents approved of Mr Bush’s handling of Iraq.

John Zogby, the president of Zogby International, said US commanders in Iraq unofficially approved the poll of 944 respondents, which was conducted before the escalation in violence that followed last week’s bombing of the Golden Mosque.
All this before the Samarra bombing, god knows what the percentage is now!

Note the "unofficial" approval of US commanders. The army is telling Bush in an unsubtle way - "Pull your finger out before we pull it out for you".

Will the last neo con in the Whitehouse please turn out the light.


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