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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Reaching Enlightenment

I have a morbid facination of watching someone's view of the world fall apart. This is why I keep visiting the pro-American Iraqi blogs. One day reality will hit and hit hard. These kind of blogs are usually stuffed full of enough optimism and propoganda to keep the pro-war bloggers on a high for weeks.

First Healing Iraq went down - it jumped from admiring President Bush to a rather sad closing post on the day of the costitutional election that simply said " I voted against".

Now we have the spectacle of the right-wing darling " Iraq the Model" bloggers undergoing a paiful rebirth. Swinging from:

Thursday, March 24, 2005
Iraq is definitely better nowadays than it was under Saddam despite all the sacrifices we had to give in the last 24 months ....

Saying that the post-liberation years have brought the worst to Iraq is a mere joke and carries all the signs of mental disorders or total ignorance.


Wednesday, December 21, 2005
Right now we're in facing a big crisis that leaves us before two possibilities; either the Sunni agree to be part of the government and we get a parliament with 200 Islamist members (Sunni and She'at) in the face of 75 secular members, 50 of them are Kurds who won't care much about this parliament or the rest of the country since they have their own parliament and government in Kurdistan (which is going to include Kirkuk in the near future of course).

Those 200 Islamists will just have to diminish the 25 liberal members and that's not going to be difficult at all in four years, I mean one year was enough for the Islamists to burn offices, assassinate and intimidate the liberals and seculars.

The second possibility isn't brighter than the first, probably the rival parties will enter another conflict in which words will not be the only weapon, we will also hear the democracy of mortars and RPGs speak loudly.

and ending with:

Thursday, January 05, 2006
I think this is the darkest image we have conveyed from Iraq in more than two years but it is a fact that it hasn't been this bad in Iraq ever since the 9th of April 2003.
The general sense of the public opinion in Iraq is that our politicians who we trusted proved to be unqualified for the responsibility.
Everyone I meet says he feels betrayed by the politicians who keep frustrating us with their incompetence and internal fighting over power.

Oh dear. And some people call Riverbend a pessimist!


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